I ran my last marathon "The 9-Miler Way" -with half the training miles I used to do in the past. And I still did 4h22, which is even a couple of minutes faster!
Nina Brickner
"Marlies, you had my race figured out almost spot on. I finished at 4:08. Not my fastest, but it was the BEST I've ever felt in the final 10K. I was passing everyone and I felt amazing through the whole race, especially the end I was feeling strong. I could have kept on running after I was done. Doesn't feel like a ran a marathon since it was, shall I dare say, easy?! So that tells me I probably could have run even a bit faster. I would highly recommend The 9-Mile program. I'm a 9-Miler now!!! It worked for me and thanks for all your support Marlies!!"

Sandy Lawson
Member of RVA Marathon Team
The past couple of years I struggled with one injury after the other. Thanks to joining "The 9-Miler" tribe I'm able now to run at the big events again.

Ginger Davis
"I normally would not take time to write so much about a product, but I am so amazed and thankful for the results from this program, I simply had to let you know how this has changed my training (and life) in such a positive way. This will likely allow me to keep training and swimming, biking and running and hopefully for years if not decades to go!

Robert Bechtel
Cincinnati OHIO
"My coach kept telling me that running high weekly mileage was key. But now I know it's NOT. 9-Miler 'smart' training is THE key to better marathon running."

Greg Meyer