Marlies Kort
Founder and Creator of The 9-Mile Marathon Training System

~Winner of the New York Marathon 2013 Female Overall Non-Pro (time: 2h52m)

~ World Champion Ironman 70.3 2015 F40-44

~ Winner of Ironman 70.3 F40-44 Miami (2014), Puerto Rico (2015), Panama (2016), Cartagena (2016), Aruba (2016), Boulder Colorado (2017)

~ 5th Place Overall Rotterdam Marathon 2017 Dutch Females (time: 2h57m)

~ 5th Place World Championship Ironman 70.3 2017 Chattanooga Tennessee
Marlies Kort:

"As much as this 'traditional' approach brought me personal success, I also had plenty of running friends who, more often than not, experienced all kinds of problems when training for a marathon, and a lot of time had to give up their training - never showing up at the starting line. 

To be honest... I have had my share as well.
So if you’ve been struggling with your marathon running, your endless training runs, injuries, or if progress is staying away, you need to switch from the traditional ’no pain no gain’ training to The 9-Miler way.

I have developed The 9-Mile Marathon to help you successfully run a solid marathon, with ONLY 9 mile training runs and substantial less risk on endurance related injury and exhaustion.

The 9-Mile Marathon Training Program offers a smart, NEW TRAINING CONCEPT that can CHANGE your running life TODAY.