When you order the 90-Day training program you will get EVERYTHING listed below. I am NOT going to spam you with endless sales emails, limited 'time-' or 'availability-' offers. My 9-Mile Marathon Training Program will be here for many more years to come. So this is what you will get (click on the image to order):
1. The 9-Mile Marathon Training Program, a 75-page pdf download with background information, detailed explanation of the AFA and ESS endurance training concepts, schedules with personalized data, test protocol to find your MHR (marathon heart rate-) sweet spot, finish time prediction tables (very accurate +/- 3 mins!), training protocols, 90-Day training tables.

2. The HALF Marathon Training Guide Add-On, based on the 9-Miler FULL Marathon Training philosophy. The HALF marathon training guide contains half-marathon specific formula's, schedules and tables.  You will get two different 'angles'; the first one is to run a half marathon to prepare for your upcoming 'big' event. The second one is to run your half marathon close to your max potential.

3. The WORKBOOK. With 'empty' schedules you can fill with your personalized data and print out.

4. The 9-Miler specific SPEED & INTERVAL Training Guide.

5. The 9-Miler specific CORE STRENGTH Training Guide


6. Free access to my 9-Miler content page with additional information and video's about f.i. the MHR test protocol (a detailed video how to find your marathon heart rate sweet spot), TBFR - Total Body Force Running Technique, A-Symmetrical Breathing Technique for endurance running, Cross Training and many more Tips&Tricks, all 9-Mile related.


7. OPTIONAL - 50% discount on my personal online coaching and training program - a select 'inner circle' of running students (up to max 12) who get my personal online (Skype/Whatsapp) support during their 90-Day program.